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Quick Start Social Media Coaching for Executives, Professionals and Small Business Owners

Posted by advantagemarketing on April 12, 2011

social media coaching

1-on-1 coaching can help you come up to speed quickly on social media

Are you new to social media and not sure where you should start or how social media can help you achieve your business or professional objectives?

Try some one-on-one coaching. It can help you come up to speed quickly and use social media tools more effectively.

Advantage Marketing offers Quick Start Social Media Coaching for executives, professionals and small business owners.

“Busy executives often don’t know where to start with social media – it can seem overwhelming because there are so many different platforms,” Loraine Kasprzak, Advantage Marketing Managing Director, notes. “Quick Start Social Media Coaching simplifies social media and help execs use these tools to further their business and professional goals.”

The Quick Start individualized coaching sessions cover LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, the three social media platforms most commonly used by business professionals and B2B marketers. “We work with our coaching clients until they understand the ‘whys’ and ‘hows’ and feel comfortable using these tools,” says Loraine. She has personally trained many executives and small business owners on social media tools and strategies.

With the Advantage Marketing Quick Start Social Media Coaching, business executives and professionals can

  • Learn LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter basics
  • Discover how to set up and optimize their social media profiles
  • Start building their network of connections
  • Learn how to interact with their network effectively
  • Find out how using social media can support their business and professional objectives

Advantage Marketing is offering special pricing for a limited time to introduce this new service. For more information or to register for one-on-one sessions, contact us via email or call 908.233.6265.

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  1. Brendan said

    Great, looks wonderful

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