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29 Marketing Tactics to Build Know, Like, Trust – and Try

Posted by advantagemarketing on July 10, 2012

29 proven tactics for building KNOW, LIKE, TRUST, and TRY

Is summer a quiet time for your business? Then it’s time to rev up your lead generation machine! Put one or more of these proven marketing tactics to work now and start getting prospects to KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST your business and TRY your products or services.

Remember: marketing is all about making selling easier – if not almost unneeded. Effective marketing eliminates the need for that pushy selling that so many of us dislike. That’s what these tactics can do for you:


  1. Spiff up your image and tag line
  2. Brush up your 30-second introduction
  3. Create and test new calls-to-action
  4. Follow up on inquiries – don’t leave prospects hanging!
  5. Create effective social media profiles
  6. Run targeted ads on social media
  7. Seek out speaking engagements
  8. Build buzz with online polls and  contests
  9. Publish newsworthy press releases online


  1. Connect others in your network
  2. Start a blog
  3. Send handwritten notes
  4. Create a quarterly e-newsletter
  5. Build local word-of-mouth
  6. Ask for testimonials


  1. Educate your prospects
  2. Use testimonials effectively
  3. Write “before” and “after” stories
  4. Create a capabilities presentation
  5. Have a plan to stay in touch
  6. Get feedback from current customers
  7. Ask for referrals from current clients


  1. Offer free samples or demos
  2. Run webinars on “hot” topics in your industry
  3. Post tips sheets, how-to guides or e-books
  4. Create video clips on how to use your product or service
  5. Offer a gift with a purchase
  6. Capture and nurture leads
  7. Create a lower-cost, lower-risk offering

What do you think? In the Comments section, tell us what marketing tactics you’ve used to help you build KNOW, LIKE, TRUST, and TRY.

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3 Responses to “29 Marketing Tactics to Build Know, Like, Trust – and Try”

  1. Jamie said

    As always, some great suggestions! I especially like the “before” and “after” story idea…may have to give that one a go!

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