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Posted by advantagemarketing on September 19, 2012

One of our favorite things to do at Advantage Marketing is connect the entrepreneurs we know and see how they can help each other.

Connecting entrepreneurs

From left to right, Terri Hunsinger & Deb Palacio of, Jennifer Matthews and Julia Biancella, partners at Tempaper, and accountant Karen Flannery.

My friends and long-time clients Deb Palacio and Terri Hunsinger of took time out of their crazed pre-holiday schedules to meet up-and-coming entrepreneurs (and twins!) Jennifer Matthews and Julia Biancella, partners at Tempaper.

Deb started in 1999 in her basement, and today it’s a multimillion dollar business, headquartered in Cranford, NJ. Deb and Terri shared with Jen and Julia practical advice for integrating Tempaper’s website and back office operations. More importantly, they shared insights into being women business owners who successfully juggle business growth and family commitments.

Terri, Deb, Jen, and Julia are shown in the photo at right with my colleague, accountant Karen Flannery. Karen and I cooked up this meeting over lunch, while discussing our favorite entrepreneurial clients. Karen shared that Jen and Julia had lots of questions about how to support the explosive growth of their temporary wallpaper business. Deb and Terri had been through all that and more for their loungewear business, so Karen and I were eager to get the two sets of sisters together.

It was wonderful for Karen and me to see Jen and Julia’s eyes light up when they toured the WebUndies warehouse and front office,  talked to two amazing women who had “been there, done that,” and as a result saw what their own business could be.

As the A Team’s Hannibal Smith used to say, “I just love it when a plan comes together.”

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