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Posted by advantagemarketing on April 17, 2013

As a gift to my readers, I’m sharing the Career Corner columns I’m writing for Chemical Engineering Progress magazine.

These articles are great resources, whether you are a young professional or are a mid-career expert. Business owners will find useful insights as well.

Career Corner

My bimonthly Career Corner column in Chemical Engineering Progress magazine explores issues common to professionals and business owners alike.

For Managing Your Career Transition, I interviewed Lisa Silvershein, founder of Ark Career Coaching and a certified behavioral coach who helps professionals in transition. Lisa offered terrific insights into how to manage a career change.

In Creating Work-Life Harmony, I get answers from certified professional coach Mary T. Scott on how to take control of that tricky balance between work and life – and not burn dinner while answering client emails. It’s not, I learned, about working harder.

Upcoming columns will feature interviews with senior executive coach Mike Martorella, in which we discuss making the transition from expert to manager, and from manager to senior leadership. Stay tuned!

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