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Archive for the ‘career’ Category

7 Easy LinkedIn Profile Updates

Posted by advantagemarketing on August 11, 2015

Update your LinkedIn profile

Update your LinkedIn profile with these quick fixes

We all know that LinkedIn is a great way to build your professional brand and connect with others. You probably already have added your work experience to your profile and gotten your recommendations – if for no other reason then LinkedIn routinely nags you about these items.

But if you haven’t updated your profile in a while, you may not be presenting yourself in the best possible way. These seven quick fixes can refresh your profile, make you easier to connect with, and boost your position in search rankings, without a great deal of time or drudgery. (To make these changes, be sure you are in LinkedIn’s Edit Profile screen for your profile.)

1. Show your creds right up top. Include your credentials next to your name (e.g., CPA, MBA, etc.)

2.  Update your photo – SMILE!!!

3. Use your 120 headline characters more effectively. Include your title, company, and keywords. Some examples:

Senior Tax Manager, ABC Accounting, LLC | Tax Planning| Audits | Tax Compliance | Real Estate Taxes | Tax Research
Staff Accountant, ABC Accounting, LLC | GAAP | Financial Reporting | Account Reconciliation | Accruals | Bookkeeping

4. Create a custom URL for your Public Profile. This is easier to read and remember than the default URL LinkedIn sets up for you. For example: Get step-by-step instructions on customizing your Public Profile URL.

5. Make it easy for others to get in contact with you by adding to your contact information. Be sure you have:

Included your company address, phone and website, and a Twitter name, if you use Twitter too.
Included your email – which will be visible only to your connections.

6. Add or edit your Profile Summary to highlight your accomplishments. You will want to:

Summarize your work experience – use keywords and focus on the results you’ve achieved.
Add a short summary of the company you’re working for and the solutions it provides to clients.

7. Showcase your work in your Profile Summary or Experience sections. Add an article, video, or slide presentation that highlight your excellent, valuable work.

Let these quick fixes inspire you to build an even stronger LinkedIn profile by adding volunteer activities, honors and awards, and more!

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Is Starting a Consulting Practice Right for You?

Posted by advantagemarketing on June 9, 2014

Starting a consulting practice

Are you thinking about starting a consulting practice? Get some practical tips for getting started by clicking on the above photo.

Are you considering starting your own consulting practice? If you are, then read my latest Career Corner article for Chemical Engineering Progress magazine.

Consulting can be a professionally and personally rewarding career choice, especially if you enjoy helping others. While “Is Starting a Consulting Practice Right for You? ” was written for chemical engineers who may be considering opening a technical or engineering consulting practice, the article has lots of good advice for anyone who is considering running their own consulting practice.

This article can help you get hit the ground running when you start your consulting firm. You’ll find out why it’s important to:

  • Get your license or certification
  • Plan your move before you jump from your current company
  • Establish a professional presence
  • And more!

Have you recently started a consulting practice? Tell us about your successes and challenges in the Comments section!

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Build Your Brand for Positive Career Impact

Posted by advantagemarketing on April 28, 2014

personal brand

Can Jimmy Buffet’s brand help you build yours? Read this article and find out!

In my latest Career Corner article for Chemical Engineering Progress magazine, I talk about the role branding plays in career success.

Consider these common situations: You are up for a promotion only to learn the position went to a more highly visible coworker. Or perhaps you run an engineering consulting practice, and you lose a big bid to a better-known firm.

Whether you are an employee or run your own company, having an authentic personal brand and communicating it effectively can help your stand out in the minds of others. Your personal brand is a snapshot of what others know about you and what they can expect from  you.

Read Build Your Personal Brand for Career Impact and find out why looking at Jimmy Buffet’s brand can help YOU become more successful.

How you have used your own brand to advance your career? Share with us in Comments.

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More Career Corner Insights: Transitioning to Management Successfully

Posted by advantagemarketing on July 24, 2013

June Career Corner column1In my latest Career Corner article for Chemical Engineering Progress magazine, I share my experience and that of other chemical engineers who transitioned from a senior engineer’s position to a managerial role. I also interview Mike Martorella, senior executive coach and founder of MMI Communication. Mike offers advice and counsel on how an engineer can transition successfully to management without crashing and burning. One crucial insight: start by changing your mindset.

Read the entire Career Corner article and then in the Comments section below, share your thoughts on how you have made the jump to management.

Want more advice? Read the complete interview with Mike on the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) ChEnected blog.

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Soup, or Why I Became an Entrepreneur

Posted by advantagemarketing on May 16, 2013

I’ve been part of a Mastermind Group since 2012. A recent homework assignment was to write “our” story. Since I’m not one to be satisfied with a standard bio, here’s what I wrote:

Why I became a consultant - entrepreneurI’m not a Soup Nazi, but lately I’ve become obsessed with soup. Now soup may seem like a simple thing: you open a can of Campbell’s – or if you’re fitness obsessed, Progresso Lite – and then pour it into a pot and heat. But when you make soup from scratch, it becomes a whole ‘nother ballgame. It is fresh with a deep flavor that’s way better than the canned stuff.

When I was new to soup making, I followed recipes.  I followed Rachel Ray’s, for instance, because she is known for easy ones: sauté garlic and onion, add 2 cups of water; 2 cups crushed tomatoes; one teaspoon oregano and 1/2 tsp salt. Cook it down, add some light cream, simmer, and you have a nice tomato soup.

Well, I got bored with that. I wanted to choose the ingredients; I wanted it to be my soup. If I was inspired by the fresh tomatoes at the farmers market, I wanted to use them. Sometimes I wanted to slow simmer it; other times I wanted to throw something together quickly. I just didn’t want to follow someone else’s recipes. And what I found was that when I created my own soups, they were the best ones – and my boys would actually eat them and ask for seconds.

Soup is a good metaphor for my life as an entrepreneur and consultant. I got bored with “canned” corporate life: it lacked flavor and richness. When I left corporate, I found entrepreneurial recipes to follow. I bought every how-to book I could find and built my consulting firm around “best practices.”

Over time, I learned what works well, and I began straying from the recipes and adding new ingredients – services and capabilities to keep things fresh.

Today, while best practices and recipes are still important – how else will I master social media? Or vichyssoise? – It’s when I riff on them or create my own, that I find I’m doing my best, most creative work. Just as my kids appreciate my soup, I believe that those I serve as an entrepreneur and consultant appreciate and value my work.

So I’m not sure how this soup story will end. Will I write a cookbook? Pass my knowledge down to my kids? I think I’ll let that one simmer for awhile…

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Insights from the Career Corner

Posted by advantagemarketing on April 17, 2013

As a gift to my readers, I’m sharing the Career Corner columns I’m writing for Chemical Engineering Progress magazine.

These articles are great resources, whether you are a young professional or are a mid-career expert. Business owners will find useful insights as well.

Career Corner

My bimonthly Career Corner column in Chemical Engineering Progress magazine explores issues common to professionals and business owners alike.

For Managing Your Career Transition, I interviewed Lisa Silvershein, founder of Ark Career Coaching and a certified behavioral coach who helps professionals in transition. Lisa offered terrific insights into how to manage a career change.

In Creating Work-Life Harmony, I get answers from certified professional coach Mary T. Scott on how to take control of that tricky balance between work and life – and not burn dinner while answering client emails. It’s not, I learned, about working harder.

Upcoming columns will feature interviews with senior executive coach Mike Martorella, in which we discuss making the transition from expert to manager, and from manager to senior leadership. Stay tuned!

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