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Don’t Miss Out: Read Our 7 Top Posts from 2013

Posted by advantagemarketing on December 15, 2013

most popular marketing posts

Did you miss these top posts for 2013? It’s not too late to check them out!

Did you miss any of our best posts during 2013?

You can catch up here – these seven posts were particularly popular with Marketing Advantage readers.

(And we’d love to know what your favorite Marketing Advantage post was in 2013. Just leave a quick comment below to tell us.)

7 Ideas for Attracting Customers

I gave a talk recently to the Just Think B.I.G., Bernardsville, NJ, group about marketing tactics that attract customers. Many of the women business owners present knew their product or service really well, but didn’t always know how to attract the attention of prospective customers.

Marketing is all about getting people to know, like and then trust you. There are many ways to do this; here are the seven ideas I spoke about… Read more

23 Sales and Marketing Ideas for 2013

At a recent Executive Exchange Inc. meeting, business owners talked about how they will boost their sales and marketing efforts in 2013. Here are some ideas that were discussed… Read more

How to Market Your Business with an eBook

Less expensive than producing a “traditional” book, electronic books (or “eBooks”) exist in various formats, including MS Word files, Adobe Acrobat pdf files (one of the most popular formats) and HTML files (which can be read using a web browser). You might even consider converting your book to the ePub format, which is becoming a standard for e-readers… Read more

Does Social Media Fit in Your Professional Services Marketing Plan?
“How can we use social media?”

That’s a question I often get from partners and owners of professional service firms. They think social media is something they should be paying attention to, yet they are unsure where to start, or even if they should start, using it.

For retailers and other businesses that market products entirely to consumers, social media marketing – through Facebook, Twitter or even YouTube – has become accepted practice. It lets them to get closer to their customers, provide better service and earn positive word of mouth.  But what about professional service firms? Is there value for you in social networking? If so, which of the many social media tools is relevant for you? Read more

How Professional Service Firms Can Get Started in Social Media

In my last post, I wrote about how social media can help professional service firms become thought leaders for their target clients. I also talked about how to choose the most relevant social media for your firm.

Here’s a simple framework for fitting social media into your firm’s marketing plan. Think of three interactive segments that build on each other to benefit your practice: tried and true tactics, conscious outreach, and cutting edge tactics. With this framework in mind, you can choose the tactics from each segment that fit your firm’s culture, level of marketing expertise, and target market… Read more

15 Tips for Creating Engaging Content

Content rules. Whether you’re tweeting, writing blog posts, or contributing to a LinkedIn group discussion, it is content that drives conversations and connects your professional services firm to its social network. But creating content that your audience will want to read can be challenging. à Read more

29 Marketing Tactics for Building Know, Like, Trust – and Try

Is summer a quiet time for your business? Then it’s time to rev up your lead generation machine! Put one or more of these proven marketing tactics to work now and start getting prospects to KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST your business and TRY your products or services.

Remember: marketing is all about making selling easier – if not almost unneeded. Effective marketing eliminates the need for that pushy selling that so many of us dislike. That’s what these tactics can do for you… Read more

Have we left one of your favorites off? Drop us a comment, below and let us know which one!

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Twitter’s Been Hacked. Don’t Leave Yourself at Risk

Posted by advantagemarketing on August 23, 2013

If you use social media sites, make sure you aren’t putting yourself at risk!

Twitter hacked

Take these steps to protect your social media accounts

Various media sources have reported that Twitter was recently breached and login credentials for 15,000 users have been leaked.  The leaked information included user IDs and associated tokens, which are used to connect Twitter accounts to third party applications.

If you have a personal Twitter account:

  • Change your password as soon as possible.
  • Consider updating your account settings to revoke third party application access.
  • If you use the same password to access other social media sites or emails accounts, change those passwords too.
  • Use different passwords and employ a complex password, that is, one that includes letters, numbers and symbols.

Be wary of suspicious emails asking you to supply a password or other information.  It may likely be a phishing attempt.

For more about phishing and scams, read Social Media’s Dark Side.

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Social Media’s Dark Side: Phishing and Scams

Posted by advantagemarketing on June 2, 2011

Aujas, an Advantage Marketing client, is an information risk management firm knowledgeable about all things cyber-security related. I recently asked Karl Kispert, Aujas VP for Business Development, how social media users can protect themselves from scammers, especially on Facebook and LinkedIn. Here’s what Karl and his expert team had to say.

social media and phishing

Scammers and hackers are targeting social media. Your company and its employees have to do their part to fight them.

The buzz about social media has been increasing recently. There are more than 500 million active users on Facebook, with 50% of  them logging on at least once a day from their office, home, coffee-shop, school, or from smart phones. Social media has emerged as an effective marketing tool to engage with a mass audience and many companies have an active presence across LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter. As Natalie Petouhoff, Senior
Researcher with Forrester Research, Inc., said, “Social media isn’t a choice anymore – it is a business transformation tool.”

But as fun and engaging as social media is, it has a dark side. Hackers and scammers are exploiting it to create new ways to infect computers and networks and to trick unsuspecting users into revealing their personal or financial information.

How do scammers pull this off? They go phishing. A scammer will hack into a Facebook or LinkedIn user’s account and send out messages to friends or connections, unbeknownst to the user. These messages look genuine but are carefully crafted by scammers to trick recipients and exploit their emotions.

Messages with links to breaking news, celebrity stories, or even adorable puppy videos can all be engineered to make the user click through. Clicking on a link about Kansas tornado victims, for example, would take the user to a site that asks for credit card information for a donation. This information is then collected and exploited by the scammer.

A user may also see messages like these on their LinkedIn home page or Facebook wall:

Tornado victims need your help, please donate

I bumped into some of your old friends the other day; they wanted me to send you this – http://facebooklink

By clicking on the links, malware or a virus gets downloaded and the user’s system is compromised.

Yikes. If we can’t trust messages from our friends and connections or even what’s written on our own wall or home page, are we crazy to use social media? Fortunately, education and awareness can help fight phishing attacks and scams and keep us all using social media safely.

Here’s what companies can do to fight phishing attacks:

  1. Establish a social media strategy. Clearly document and enforce what is allowed and not allowed to be discussed and
    disclosed on social networking sites.
  2. Conduct social media awareness programs which should include the rewards and risks of social media. Such training should
    also cover how to identify malicious websites and differentiate between original and fraudulent websites.

Here’s what employees can do to avoid becoming the prey of phishing attacks:

  1. Never click on a link or a bookmark which is associated with financial transactions or asks for any sensitive information; instead always manually type the URL in the address bar.
  2. Don’t click on links which ask to download ActiveX or software on your system. These could be Trojan/malware which later becomes the control center to remotely control your system and others in the network.
  3. Ensure that the site is authentic and using secure layer (https) before providing any sensitive information about yourself or your organization.
  4. Report suspected links to your internal security team and the social networking site so that they can work with the hosting provider to bring down the phish website.

Social networking phishing attacks are on the rise, according to the latest Anti-Phishing Q2 2010 Report. Both companies and employees have to play their part to counter the phishing risks of social media.

Karl Kispert is Vice President of Sales and Business Development for Aujas for North America. He can be reached at 201 633 4745 or Learn more about phishing and cyber-security at

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