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4 Tips to Make Your Content Marketing Stand out

Posted by advantagemarketing on February 2, 2017

Woman hand holding a white spech bubble with a illustration on blue background. This illustration has a yellow crown and content word into window computer.

Every B2B company needs a solid content strategy, including a social media strategy. This is the age of what social media-marketing expert Mark Schaefer refers to as content shock — where there is so much content that it overwhelms readers.

How can you stand out in this veritable sea of content that has flooded the internet? Is it even possible? The content marketing gurus at Hubspot and BuzzSumo have joined forces to conduct research into what works and what doesn’t in B2B content.

1. Size Doesn’t Matter

For years in B2B blogging, it was thought that long-form posts performed better — and while that might be true in some aspects, social media isn’t one of them. Long form posts did not receive any more shares than short-form.

2. LinkedIn Has Proven Its B2B Social Value

B2B content dominates the LinkedIn playing field — with an average of 25.7 shares, compared to 9.8 shares for B2C content. With all the tools that LinkedIn provides that are geared towards business and thought leadership, it really does make a perfect home for your B2B company’s content.

3. Don’t Count Facebook Out Yet

Facebook currently has 1.71 billion active users every month. With such a huge audience potential, how can you pass up this social network?

4. People in B2B Companies Want Content That Will Help Them Succeed

Focus on posts that will help your reader succeed. Whether it’s a numbered list or a how-to article, make it engaging and geared toward reaching one of a reader’s goals such as gaining more customers, increasing office efficiency, or succeeding in a leadership role.

Don’t go it alone! Contact us for help with your content marketing.

Source: business2community

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5 of the Biggest SEO Myths

Posted by advantagemarketing on April 22, 2015

seo-mythsSEO, also known as Search Engine Optimization, is a big deal if you want to drive traffic to your website. But, according to HubSpot, there seem to be many myths around that can undermine your optimization efforts and may even affect how your rank in major search engines such as Google.

Don’t fall prey to these SEO myths:

1. More links are better than more content

Should you invest in link building or in generating content such as blog posts or webpages? Companies too often focus on the quantity of links to their site, rather than the quality of their site’s content.  Your website’s focus should be on having relevant, quality content, so that others will want to link to it over time.

2. SEO is all about ranking

While studies have shown that most searchers prefer to click the first three search results, first-page ranking is not the prize it used to be. According to HubSpot, other studies have shown that on subsequent pages, being listed toward the top of the page gets you similar click behavior. The bottom line here? First page ranking matters less than you think. It’s more important to provide content that is useful to your readers, so that when they click through to your site, they stay and share your content.

3.  Keyword optimization is the key to SEO

While keywords have always been an important part of Internet searches, Google no longer exactly matches keywords typed into the search box to the keywords on a webpage. Instead, it searches for the intent behind the keywords used, so that it can provide relevant, high-quality content. This means that search engines won’t punish your website for not having enough exact keywords, but you will be if you overuse keywords.

4.  My homepage needs a lot of content

Your homepage is the gateway to your business. You don’t want it to be littered with content, but you also do not want to have a barren homepage with little to no information. Your homepage should describe who you are, what you do, where you are located, and what visitors should do next. Anything more than this can overwhelm users.

5.  My website doesn’t need to be mobile-friendly

Many website owners think their websites are only viewed on laptops and desktop computers. The fact is, more websites than ever are viewed on mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones. To reflect this trend, Google instituted a new algorithm on April 21, which uses the mobile-friendliness of your website as a ranking signal. Talk to your website developer. If your site is not mobile friendly, your developer should put a plan in place for fixing it right away.

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6 Keys to Selling to the C-Suite – It Starts with Personal Brand & Thought Leadership

Posted by advantagemarketing on June 13, 2013

keys to the c-suite

Personal branding and thought leadership are among the 6 keys that can help you sell more effectively to the C-Suite.

Selling to the C-Suite has changed dramatically in recent years. It’s no longer about knowing – and golfing – with the right people. Buyers expect more (and different) things from sales and service professionals.

I recently participated in the webinar, “Selling to the C-Suite: How to Win the CxO Sale.” The presenter, Ago Cluytens, RAIN Group’s EMEA practice director, drew from his experience as a Big 4 management consultant and former CxO to talk about the most effective ways to sell to executives in today’s market.

Ago offered many insights and I encourage you to access the event recording for the entire presentation. I want to share with you his “Six Keys to the C-Suite,” because according to Ago, these factors make the difference between making calls and being called in for a meeting with senior executives.

  1. A personal brand that positions you as a person of equal worth. Blogging, speaking, guest blogging and other similar tactics can help you create a personal brand.
  2. Access to relationships and networks of trusted allies.
  3. A reputation as a thought leader and prominent expert.
  4. The ability to link what you do to the senior exec’s strategic plans and objectives.
  5. A connection that transcends business – be interesting outside of work.
  6. Belief and confidence that you truly belong in the (board) room.

It’s no surprise to me that personal brand and thought leadership are high on Ago’s list. These factors make you a known quantity – someone that senior execs have gotten to know, like, and are beginning to trust. In my experience, speaking, blogging and writing articles lead to phone calls from prospects and discussions about how they want to work with me, not if we are going to work together. Sure makes the sales cycle shorter and easier.

How are you building your personal brand and thought leadership position? Has it helped you shorten your sales cycle? Share your thoughts with us in the Comments section below.

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Social Media for Professionals – 4 More Resources

Posted by advantagemarketing on September 6, 2012

Chemical Engineering Progress magazine recently ran my article series on social media for professionals.

I recently authored an article series on social media for professionals for the Career Catalyst section of Chemical Engineering Progress magazine. These articles are great resources, whether you are professional just starting out in social media, or a business owner who wants social media tips and techniques to grow your business.

My philosophy is to keep it simple. As a business owner or professional, you have a lot on your plate already. I write so that it’s easy for you to absorb and learn new social media and marketing tactics. Then it becomes very easy to put these ideas to work in your own business or professional career.

In “Getting Started in Social Media” you can discover the benefits of Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter and other social media and get practical advice on using these tools effectively, whether you’re a veteran or relative novice.

Use LinkedIn to Advance Your Career” reveals tips and techniques for using LinkedIn to establish a professional online presence, connect with others, and find business and job opportunities.

Smart Blogging for Chemical Engineers” shares how blogs allow anyone – even people with minimal computer knowledge – to easily publish text, photos, and audio and video files on the Internet. The article offers blogging tips for sharing technical information, building thought leadership, and growing a community of followers.

Cloud tools for collaboration

Professionals can find new ways to work together with Internet-based collaboration tools.

Internet-based applications are changing the way we work together. In “Use Cloud Tools to Collaborate” you’ll learn how virtual tools can help project teams make decisions more quickly, reduce costs, and increase productivity.

Need help getting your social media efforts off the ground? Check out our Quick Start Social Media Coaching for professionals and business owners.

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29 Marketing Tactics to Build Know, Like, Trust – and Try

Posted by advantagemarketing on July 10, 2012

29 proven tactics for building KNOW, LIKE, TRUST, and TRY

Is summer a quiet time for your business? Then it’s time to rev up your lead generation machine! Put one or more of these proven marketing tactics to work now and start getting prospects to KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST your business and TRY your products or services.

Remember: marketing is all about making selling easier – if not almost unneeded. Effective marketing eliminates the need for that pushy selling that so many of us dislike. That’s what these tactics can do for you:


  1. Spiff up your image and tag line
  2. Brush up your 30-second introduction
  3. Create and test new calls-to-action
  4. Follow up on inquiries – don’t leave prospects hanging!
  5. Create effective social media profiles
  6. Run targeted ads on social media
  7. Seek out speaking engagements
  8. Build buzz with online polls and  contests
  9. Publish newsworthy press releases online


  1. Connect others in your network
  2. Start a blog
  3. Send handwritten notes
  4. Create a quarterly e-newsletter
  5. Build local word-of-mouth
  6. Ask for testimonials


  1. Educate your prospects
  2. Use testimonials effectively
  3. Write “before” and “after” stories
  4. Create a capabilities presentation
  5. Have a plan to stay in touch
  6. Get feedback from current customers
  7. Ask for referrals from current clients


  1. Offer free samples or demos
  2. Run webinars on “hot” topics in your industry
  3. Post tips sheets, how-to guides or e-books
  4. Create video clips on how to use your product or service
  5. Offer a gift with a purchase
  6. Capture and nurture leads
  7. Create a lower-cost, lower-risk offering

What do you think? In the Comments section, tell us what marketing tactics you’ve used to help you build KNOW, LIKE, TRUST, and TRY.

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More about Blogging: What Should I Write?

Posted by advantagemarketing on February 14, 2012

Blogging tips

Wondering what you should blog about? This post can help.

It happens to most business owners who start blogging. You start with good intentions and lots of ideas to write about. Then after the twenty-fifth post or so, you hit the wall. You’re out of ideas.

Fortunately for those of us who regularly get writer’s block, Karol K, a contributor to, came up with an extensive list of the different types of blog articles. Karol’s 52 Types of Blog Posts You Can Write includes

  • How-to/tutorials
  • News posts
  • Stories
  • Checklists
  • Special reports
  • and 47 other ideas

One of Karol’s best tips is to recycle your content. If you have a how-to or interview video, for example, get the video transcribed, break it up into separate segments, and  share the segments as regular blog posts. You’ve got a month’s worth of posts right there!

For more about creating content that your audience will want to read , also check out my post, 15 Tips for Creating Engaging Content.

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Quick Start Checklist for Blogging

Posted by advantagemarketing on July 18, 2011

I had the opportunity to present “What’s the Big Deal about Blogging?” to the Institute of Management Consultants New Jersey Chapter. Many of the consultants who attended were new to blogging, so I shared the checklist below to help them get started.

  1. Research your key words
      1. is a good free tool
  2. Choose your blogging platform and register
  3. View a tutorial or two – it’s worth the effort
  4. Customize your blog template
    1. Keep it simple and professional
    2. Add extra features (“widgets” and “sidebars”)
    3. Add relevant pages (e.g., Contact Us)
  5. Decide on topics for your first 3 posts
  6. Set a schedule to write
    1. What are you doing Saturday at 7AM?
  7. Keep posts short (400-800 words)
    1. Read 15 Tips for Creating Engaging Content
    2. Write about your key words
    3. Link from your post to other content
    4. Add a call to action
  8. Adda photo to your post
    1. Add interest with a creative, quirky or fun photo
    2. Visit, Google Images – Creative Commons sources
  9. Review posts before publishing
    1. Check for typos, inaccuracies, broken links
    2. Put key words in your headline
    3. Add tags & categories – search engines like these!
  10. Publish your post
    1. Allow readers to comment
    2. Use platform’s Publicize feature
    3. Respond to comments


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